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    Скрыть номер версии Xash3D

    Как я могу скрыть версию Xash3D, когда я играю?. Продолжайте появляться в правом нижнем углу игрового экрана, скрывая часть HUD. заранее спасибо v48/098 (Build 3598)
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    Глубокая разница в FPS, если мы сравниваем Xash3D с XashXT, почему?

    Hello to all. I have a question about how Xash3D displays graphics compared to XashXT. In mod I make the difference of frames per second compared to XashXT is ridiculously worse; if with XashXT I get more than 130 frames per second, with Xash3D I don’t miss 56. Why is this such a scandalous...
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    Video formats supported?

    Video formats supported? I want to ask what are the video formats supported for the intro and the valve avi files. The ones I used for my mod played sloppy :/ I remember that they are 1024x768 in size, 5 fps, sound 88 Kbps 22 Khz and don´t remember more data about them.
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    Settings.scr in Xash3d

    Settings.scr in Xash3d Hello, sorry for writing in english. Where are stored the advanced options for multiplayer games?, in normal HL they are in settings.scr, bit I hace no clue about where I can editor those options in Xash3d